Introducing Client Executive Matt Kirke

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Hi, Matt! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you’ve managed to make a career out of your core interests, people and tech:

I got into IT back when I was in the UK playing professional rugby. There was quite a bit of downtime so I started taking some courses. After a brush with Windows NT4, learning HTML and building websites became my focus.

While I was good at developing front-end systems, I’ve always been a social chap and decided to transition into a more people-oriented role. After returning home to New Zealand, my rugby coach offered me an account management role for a web company and I jumped at the chance! I’ve been developing new business for well-known local organisations ever since.

What makes your role exciting?

I’m motivated by client success. For me, it’s thrilling to help organisations overcome challenges and seize opportunities by enabling teams and technology.

What do you believe are the most exciting opportunities for New Zealand businesses today?

Many organisations and Government agencies have old legacy systems that need to be kept alive. There are many challenges around this, especially as businesses race to leverage organisational data and focus on more agile ways of working.

Solnet understands how to support and extend legacy systems while at the same time delivering leading-edge digital innovation. Where appropriate, we leverage partnerships with the likes of RedHat, Microsoft, Informatica and AWS to deliver business innovation. But we’re not just about technology, we're experts at introducing tools and techniques that enable organisations to deliver with speed and agility.

What do you see as the biggest threat currently facing New Zealand organisations?

The landscape is changing with big global players consuming smaller competitors and stealing local market share. The pressure is on to keep innovating, and many organisations will need to transform quickly to stay in the game. The trick is to form the right partnerships to enable change at the pace required.

If you would like to discuss what’s happening in your organisation and how Solnet can help, please get in touch by emailing or calling 09 977 5847.